Tapping back into our Humanity: The Looming Homelessness Crisis in America

     Next month over 160,000 Georgia families will be evicted! While there is not much information available on the demographic breakdowns, one thing for certain is there will be children involved, and many of them will suffer if we don't do something! It's easy for us to sit back and wait on the political establishment to come up with a solution, but what happens when they fail to do so? Despite the past last minute "come thru's" that have happened to save American citizens, this time feels different.

     For those of you who follow "The Big Mike Drop" podcast, we spoke on the effects of the 2020 quarantine on education. I concluded that; time away from the day to day government oversight of students could have actually been a good thing, provided that the right lessons were being taught and basic needs were being met. The reality of the situation is that too many children's basic needs were not, and have not been met during these times, and it has been like everything else; a battle for survival.

     With a vaccine on the horizon, and hopes of a return to normalcy (which is at best a naive position) at an all time high, it is probable that the vast majority of us will physically make it through this. The real question is how long will the mental effects of 2020 last on our society? If we allow over 160,000 of our neighbors to be left homeless in the winter of 2021, do you think they will forget? Do you think they will sit idly by and watch us and our persnickety friends consume and complain with no recourse? 2020 has been a year rife with tremendous loss and difficult choices, but we still have not reached the proverbial "Fork in the road" as a nation. Our defining moment still lies ahead!

     In order to fully and properly seize the moment when it arrives, we have to reel ourselves back in. This requires being tethered to something bigger than ourselves. We do not possess the collective power to achieve this on our own. We have all been in a reclusive state for nearly a year. Even those who defied all of the protocols, as if they were rebels with a noble cause found themselves isolated. Human touch outside of those in our immediate circle is nearly non-existent. The random handshake or hug shared with a stranger was a reminder that we were human. With those days behind us, how do we tap back into our humanity? Let's talk about it!

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