Vote Your Vision 2020 Project: What we stand for.

by Michael McDonald on June 09, 2020

     2020 has already been a year of challenges to say the least, and we are only half way through it. From the scourge of COVID19, to the senseless slayings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd amongst many others, we have witnessed countless deaths this year, and we are tired! We are tired of being purposefully misled by those we have trusted to serve as our leaders, we are tired of being lied to! "Vote Your Vision 2020" is a call to action for all citizens who have the right to vote to vote, and those who have had their rights revoked to have those rights restored. 

     My wife and I went to vote this morning in Cobb County Georgia in a mostly black and brown precinct, and the suppression is subtle, but real. First, the poll workers did not show up until after the official 7am start time. They did not take the first voter in until after 7:20am, one at a time I might add. About 15 minutes later a young lady emerged to let us know that they were only operating with one working machine, and that the poll manager was on the phone with a technician as we spoke. As the line grew exponentially we could hear the complaints. My wife started collecting numbers and email addresses of the Department of Justice, Georgia Secretary of States office and the Voter Suppression Hotline, while I went live to let my social media network know what was going on.

     Slowly but surely our sentiments spread throughout the line, and before we knew it more information started coming back confirming the same issues in other black and brown districts in the Atlanta Metro Area. We eventually were able to vote nearly 2 hours later, but by the time we left the polls the news of suppression was rampant. So much so that the NAACP filed suite against the Georgia Secretary of State for voter suppression before noon today. I thought about the people who left without voting today, and for a moment I felt defeated, but that's when I realized this is our mission, its our time right now! 

     Vote Your Vision 2020 is more than just a slogan; it's a call to change the way we look at our political culture in the United States of America. It's time to make the Constitution work for everyone equally without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, culture or creed.